A special thought

What I express in this reflection concerns all that I am.

Being the only creator of the reality that I am experiencing, I am more and more aware of being the only one responsible for what concerns my field of action, for everything that has happened, what happens and what will happen afterwards...

The thing that I have certainly understood concerns the evident creative manifestation that in every moment realizes all the events that in every instant follow one another involving the soul, the mind and the spirit which are the three vectors of the consciousness embodied in the human form as a man ( male-female) archetype and sole conscious experimenter and creator of this dual universe.

During my experience on this planet, I was able to ascertain that creativity and sharing are the authentic condition for living in our universe and that is in the human dimension in which it is possible to realize that deep, latent and very often unconscious vision that is inside every creature living.

Vision is about being able to remind myself of who I am and to live in complete harmony and coherence with all that is.

Creativity is the condition in which it becomes possible to create a work with any means and in any situation, and it is the most beautiful thing imaginable especially when it is possible to share it with other souls.

Realizing a creative intent such as cooking, creating a sculpture, a painting, a piece of music, any action that brings beauty and serenity perhaps sharing it with others, is the height of joy!

In my case, music is the starting point to feel alive and useful above all to my soul.

What a sublime experience to remember who I am and to go beyond this awkward dimension dominated by the weight of the elements and by the need to maintain the body by nourishing it with the food that must be obtained every day, often subjecting oneself to what is remedied in the moment...

This condition of dependence for survival allows me, it is true, to experience this reality precisely to return to the origin of the past experience in this dimension enriched by my actions, but it also allows me to understand that I can go further to reunite the three entities ( soul, mind and spirit) who have separated precisely to experience this dual dimension which is life as we have imagined and lived it up to now.

This is possible only if I awaken my sleeping conscience by no longer accepting that others can administer my time and my dignity.

Living in coherence with creation gives me strength, honor and joy.

Therefore, creativity and sharing are part of me.

I want to share as much as possible the music I propose because it is spontaneous and melodic music that I express with my heart...