uomomarco music

Important communication!

Following what is happening in the world and considering that all social networks are in the hands of power groups who are not at all interested in the well-being of us men of this earth, since we are not even free to express ourselves among ourselves and since the humanoids who hold economic and social power hate us to the point of even poisoning us from the sky (chemtrails), since moreover they unleash wars and genocides in almost all of our planet and since they have no empathy or love I, uomomarco, I invite you to abandon social media and visit my website directly: www.uomomarco.art where you can listen to lots of melodic music in free streaming or download one or more albums or songs directly onto your device or computer.

My intent is to communicate love, joy, reflection and contemplation through harmony and melody tuned to the universal frequency of 432 Hz!

Let's begin to isolate their madness starting right here >>>